Lucky Patcher

Premium and paid mobile apps make it difficult for the Android smartphone owners to get the most out of their devices. It would practically not be possible to spend a fortune to purchase a mobile apps. However, Android users don’t need to feel disappointed with that because Lucky Patcher is there for the survival

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is a tool that has the ability to remove license verification from any app that is installed on the Android smartphone. Hence, it can be considered as the most convenient method available for the people to gain access to premium applications for free. Another impressive feature about Lucky Patcher is that it can help individuals to get rid of frustrating Google Ads from an Android app as well.

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Lucky Patcher Download

Lucky Patcher apk is not available on Google Play store. So Download Lucky Patcher Apk Officially with following download links.

Features of Lucky Patcher

The impressive set of features offered by Lucky Patcher has made it extremely popular among people who own Android devices. Here are the most prominent benefits that could be experienced out of Lucky Patcher.

Remove license verification

After downloading a premium application to the Android device, Lucky Patcher can be used for license verification purposes. When the trial period ends, the app would not allow the user to proceed. In such a situation, any person would be tempted to go ahead and purchase the license. Lucky Patcher makes it unnecessary. That’s because Lucky Patcher has the ability to apply a custom patch and bypass the verification process.

Transform any application into a system application

Android doesn’t provide the ability to transform third party applications into system applications. However, Lucky Patcher can help people to transform such impossible things into possible things. Any installed application can easily be put into the system folder with Lucky Patcher. Hence, it would be possible to gain enhanced control over pre-installed apps on the device.

Removing advertisements

Coming across advertisements can be frustrating. It can even restrict people from taking the maximum functionality delivered by the app. Lucky Patcher is in a position to remove unnecessary advertisements from the installed Android applications. It includes all sorts of advertisements including the pop-up ads. Therefore, a better experience will be delivered to all Android users.

Moving applications to external storage

The internal memory that can be found in Android devices are limited. This can keep people away from installing heavy applications because it can consume most of the internal memory. Lucky Patcher can help them to move the applications installed on internal memory into an external storage medium such as the SD card. Any app or game can be moved in a breeze through this method. This can provide Android users with the opportunity to enhance the memory of their devices with minimum hassle.

Taking backups of applications

With the help of Lucky Patcher, it would be possible to take a backup of any installed application on the Android device. People tend to store most of their valuable data on the Android apps. They don’t want to lose such data under any circumstance. Hence, taking backups of data is extremely important. With the help of Lucky Patcher, it would be possible to take backups with minimum hassle. The taken backup would be saved in an external file. Hence, it can be transferred into a personal computer or uploaded into a cloud. Whenever there is a need, it is possible to use this file and restore data.

Make in-app purchases for free

In-app purchases can be done for free with the assistance of Lucky Patcher app. Android games available out there in the Play Store are addictive. When playing such an addictive game, a gamer would get stuck due to lack of coins. In such a situation, it is not required to purchase coins by spending money. Lucky Patcher can simply be used in order to get additional coins needed. Therefore, Lucky Patcher can work as an excellent money saver for all people who own Android devices.

How to remove ads from apps with Lucky Patcher

  1. 01. To begin the Ad Removal process, Lucky Patcher app needs to be opened on the Android device.
  2. 02. Once Lucky Patcher launches, it would display a list of applications that are installed on your Android device.
  3. 03. You need to browse through the list of installed Android applications and select the application where you need to remove advertisements.
  4. 04. Then you need to select the button named Open Menu of Patches, navigate to the option Remove Ads and select it.
  5. 05. It would take a couple of seconds for the process to work and Lucky Patcher would complete successful removal of ads from the selected app.
  6. 06. Next, you can open the application and see whether it displays any ads.

Different color meaning of lucky patcher

When opening Lucky Patcher app, a user will see many different colors. These colors are associated with different meanings. Therefore, any person who is looking forward to get the most out of Lucky Patcher should have a clear understanding about these different colors as well. Then it would be possible to get the most out of Lucky Patcher app without getting stressed. Here are the colors that a user can see on Lucky Patcher app along with their meanings.


If an Android application is indicated in Green color, there is a possibility to disconnect or register it from Google Play Store. It would be a simple and a straightforward process. That’s why it is indicated by green color via Lucky Patcher app.


Popular applications have a higher chance of being indicated by yellow color in the Lucky Patcher app. It indicates that Lucky Patcher has come up with specific exploits for the apps that fall into the same category


All the Android applications that come along with Google Advertisements would be displayed in blue color. Hence, it would be possible for a user to go ahead and disable Google Ads without spending too much of time.


As the color suggests, it would not be possible to use Lucky Patcher to patch or modify any of the applications that are indicated in red color.


All system applications are indicated in this color.


The system applications that would only start upon the boot up of Android device will be indicated in purple color.

How to remove license verification with Lucky Patcher

  1. 01.In order to start license verification, Lucky Patcher app needs to be opened.
  2. 02.Upon opening Lucky Patcher, all other applications installed on the device will be displayed. A user should navigate through these applications and select the specific application where license verification needs to be disabled.
  3. 03.When an application is selected, a pop up would give three different options. Out of these three options, you need to select Remove License Verification option.
  4. 04.Then it would give three another options as Auto Mode, Manual Mode and Selected Patterns. Out of these three options, Auto Mode needs to be selected.
  5. 05.As the next step, you need to hit on the Apply button.
  6. 06.Upon hitting the apply button, Lucky Patcher would take a couple of seconds to complete patching the selected app.
  7. 07.Once patching is completed Lucky Patcher would notify the user
  8. 08.Then the user can open the application and see whether license verification is requested. Since Lucky Patcher offer a perfect job, no license verification will be asked.

How to Move user apps to system apps with lucky patcher

  • 01. Lucky Patcher can also be used to move the system applications on any compatible Android device. To do that, user should open Lucky Patcher.
  • 02. On the main app interface of Lucky Patcher, it would be possible to see all the applications that are installed on the Android device. The specific app that needs to be moved should be selected out of the list.
  • 03. Once an application is selected, a menu would open. You need to scroll and select Tools option out of them.
  • 04. Under Tools, it is possible to see a feature named Move to/ System / App. This feature needs to be selected to move the app to the list of system apps.
  • 05. Lucky Patcher would take a couple of seconds to move the app.
  • 06. Next you need to see whether the specific application you moved to the list of system apps can be moved or uninstalled. Technically, it should not be provided because the Android device has figured that out as a system app.

FAQS ABOUT Lucky patcher

Q: Can Lucky Patcher be installed on an iOS device?

A: Unfortunately, Lucky Patcher application currently supports only Android platform. Therefore, people who are on iOS platform will not be able to go ahead and install this tool to receive benefits linked with it. As per the developers of Lucky Patcher, no plans are currently being made in order to make the application compatible with iOS in the future as well. Therefore, any person who wants to try out features of Lucky Patcher will need to use an Android device.

Q: Is it possible to use Lucky Patcher on a device that is rooted?

A: Some of the un-rooted Android devices support Lucky Patcher. However, it does not offer compatibility to use all the Android devices. Any person who wants to try luck can download Lucky Patcher APK and see. If the Lucky Patcher APK is not running, you will have to think about rooting your device.

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